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I hit a ladder from another car in the park lot. it's my fault???

by Dalton
(Rockville, MD)

I was going to home depot parking lot then a hit a ladder that was on top of the other car, but to far way from the vehicle and that was not any sign at all... it is my fault or not??

Answer to I hit a ladder from another car in the park lot. it's my fault???:

Hello Dalton,

This is actually a pretty hard question. You are at a parking lot, home depots… which as you may expect there are trucks, contractors, and ladders, so at a minimum you have a duty to ensure you pay extra attention.

In addition, you hit a non moving object, which never boats well.

Now, some states, and we don't know if MD does this or not - so you need to check with an attorney, requires commercial vehicles to put an orange cone behind when they are parked. This may not be the case here.

That ladder also looks like it is pretty big, outside of the vehicle range, so they may have some fault there.

It will likely be a split fault decision, but you have to check as you have pretty strong arguments against you.

Good Luck,
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