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I hit an unisured vehicle

by James

5 days ago I was backing out of a friends driveway I accidently rubbed up against another car and scrapped some paint off their bumper.

For the next few days we kept scheduling and rescheduling to meet up and pay out of the pocket. We she told us that it was going to be 313 dollars I said we need to take an insurance claim out.

The girl then told me she didn't have insurance. Can she still take a claim out in my insurance company or can she not do anything?


Hello James,

In most states (not in California), she can make a claim against you. You damaged her car, and she must be compensated for that. California has a rule where if you do not pay insurance, you cannot make a claim against the other person.

Chances are that she could make a claim against your for the property damage.

Good Luck,

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