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I swerved to miss a big rock and ended up in grass embankment

by Jean
(Eureka, ca. )

I swerved to miss a big rock and ended up in grass embankment

After car stopped in ditch embankment I backed up and got back on highway
and drove home.

I thought my car was fine. Until next day service light came on and something leaks after I parked. I have full coverage.

Did not report because I thought everything was fine.

Can I still have my car fixed and get a rental.


Hello Jean,

Well, you can file a claim. I am not sure if there will be coverage however. They will likely give you a hard time if the "lights" indicate that this is a mechanical problem and not an accident related problem.

Most auto insurance policies exclude mechanical breakdown, if they argue that this is a mechanical issue and not accident related, then a coverage investigation will have to be done. They will have to determine if this is or isn't accident related.

I guess the best lesson to learn here is to always notify your carrier so this type of thing does not happen.

Good Luck,
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