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I was given a warning ticket | Should I file a claim?

by Alicia

I worked a festival and upon leaving that festival I was getting ready to turn right and a pedestrian going to a wedding walked right in front of my car and I was blinded by the sun and could not see her.

My bumper brushed her knee and she was alright just a scrape and we filed a police report and traded information but she claimed she was ok and went on into the wedding. Should I report that to insurance even if I was just given a warning ticket?

Answer to: I was given a warning ticket | Should I file a claim?

Hello Alicia,

Yeah. You do not know this person may come after that and claim further injuries. You could void coverage if you fail to file a claim within a reasonable time. At least, you should talk to your agent and put him/her on notice.

The worst thing that can happen is that this individual does make a claim and because you did not report it, that they will not provide coverage.

Also, the warning ticket is enough to establish that the incident happened. There is a report confirming that and this is all that she needs to show.

Good Luck,
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