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I was in a car accident in a leased car, what are my options?

by Syed

I was in an accident in a leased car and the car was damaged and the collision shop picked it up.

I signed an authorization to work paper but my father is the owner of the car.

The collision shop says they will release the car if I would like without any penalty for signing the work authorization. Now what I want to know is whether I should just let the collision shop do the work (it is supposedly reputable) or go to the Nissan dealership (my car is a 2008 Nissan Maxima)?

The collision shop is saying If I go to the dealership, the accident goes on my record, the car depreciates, the car loses its warranty, and the dealer wont use genuine parts and I would have to pay my deductible even though the accident was not my fault.

They say if I let them (the collision shop) do it, they will not let me have to go through any of that hassle. What should I do? Help me please. I need quick answers


Hi Syed,

What the body shop is telling you is not completely true. I would watch out for any mechanical shop that misrepresent things to you. Remember, they are a business and they make their money from fixing vehicles like yours.

I am not sure why you would be penalized by signing a work order? If you signed this work order then you have already give them the go ahead and to do the repairs. However, if they have not start the repairs and order any parts that cannot be return, these orders can be revoked. If they start the work, then you would probably have to honor your word.

If you report the claim to your insurance company (which you should probably do)- Remember you have a duty to report accident in the policy--, the accident will go in your record regardless of who fixed the car.

If would have to pay a deductible if your insurance company pays for the damage. Again, this applies regardless of who fixed the vehicle. If the person that hit you or their insurance is paying for your damage, then on deductible will be applied to you.

Now, there are other issues regarding taking the vehicle to a dealership. Most vehicle warranties are void unless a certified dealership or mechanic (i.e a Nissan Dealership). If you don't go through a certify Nissan dealer, you could be voiding your warranty.

Will the dealer put used parts in your car? Probably not, but whatever they do, they will always give you a warranty on the repairs. There are many issues here however, and that has to do with the insurance company.

Insurance companies will try to make who ever fixes your car use second hand parts. Check out this article for more information on that subject!&id=787982

You should check with your insurance company what to do. You have to consider voiding the warranty and the consequences of not going through a dealer.

Good Luck,

Follow up Question:

I took the car to the dealership who happens to be a certified repair shop for my particular insurance company.

Now the repair shop is saying that they will do the estimate themselves and based on what the insurance company allows, will put in the parts that are specified.

Now I'm wondering should I have another insurance adjuster come in from my insurance company or should I allow the dealership itself to check it out.

And also would I be better off having the driver of the other vehicle's insurance company come check it out, keeping in mind that the driver failed to show any insurance documents, so im not sure he was even insured.


Hello Syed,

Well, you can call the insurance company of the person that hit you and see if they would pay you for new parts. If you go through your own carrier, you can end up with used parts since your insurance company has the "reasonable and necessary" clause, which they will probably use to give you use parts.

If this parts are in by a certified dealership, then you are ok. If they are not, then you will probably have warranty issues.

You need to be able to determine whether or not the other person has insurance. If they don't, you may have extra coverages under your uninsured motorist coverage damage.

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