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I was ran over | How to get coverage for injuries?

by David
(Hattieville, AR)

I was ran over while exiting a vehicle and the insurance says that she was behind on her premiums but she went and payed them that day and she still has the same policy. Shouldn't I be able to compensate from both insurance companies. I had to be rushed to the ER.

Were they had to do emergency surgery on my left ankle. Which I have already had surgery on. I had previously broke my ankle and they had to put six screws and a plate in it. Now they had to take those six screws and plate out and replace them with eight screws and a plate. I have had three different lawyers already.

The lady that hit me hit three other cars in the process and me. It happened at a cemetery while I was attending a burial. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Hello David,

I am sorry to hear about this. Well, double recovery is not allowed, but if one insurance does not exist or is exhausted, then the other insurance (yours) should pay. You may also have coverage under your own vehicle policy, if you have one. It really all depends on what coverages each policy has.

You really need to talk to a lawyer to at least see how you are covered and how you can maximize coverage. There maybe stacking coverage.

Talk to a lawyer, you may be leaving money on the table.

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Good Luck,
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