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I was rear ended by young driver and out of work

by Maybell

Got police report w/discrepancies, incldg VIN # of guy who hit me (same as my vin w/transposed #s), his insurance listed as N/A, but my ins. # is on there, my name spelled wrong, his tag # same as mine.

This is my 1st accident ever. Didn't ask upfront 4 his insurance nor license (cuz I was alone & freaking) b4 cops came & took that but now wonder if cop covered him. Said it was his dad's car. Specifically asked cop if report indicated this wasn't my fault & he said yes but report reads like it could be either of our fault & not detailed, only 2 sentences.

Cop advised don't report to my insurance co (I did anyway) cuz it obviously his fault & he'd have to pay plus he got ticket for following too close & court date. When I sighed about going 2 court on top of all this cop said "nobody goes, don't bother" but will go cuz I want my side heard. any advice? I got geico, he or dad got State farm

guess my question is, can this somehow end up being my fault even tho I got hit inthe back? A friend warned that this guy probably has law enforcement connections & that's why this is happening & I should tread carefully.

I was going to call to try & get those discrepancies fixed today, should I even bother?

Geico said worst case, this will not be held against me & my insurance won't go up. If State Farm tries not to pay, I'd have to pay my $500 ded. (which I really don't wanna do) & Geico would pay the rest & go after State Farm on both our behalfs. But it could take 6wks to 6yrs to recoup that money.

Geico also told me not to worry abuot police report cuz they don't use that as the determining factor in accidents, they go by other things as well.

Can I really end up having to pay for my own vehicle after getting hit in the back? Should I be trying to get a lawyer?


Hello Maybelle,

Car accidents can become a legal battle. The best thing you can do (and really the only thing that you can do) is to contact your insurance company. That was a very good move. They will guide the process. Sounds like you were hit from behind. Usually, this is a 100% fault against the person that hits.

The police report is evidence if it is reliable. It is not a determining factor that insurance companies used. They use your statements, and scene investigations to determine what happened. Don't over stress over the mistakes on the police report UNLESS they mark you as at fault or that you got a ticket or something that makes you responsible.

The police report statement usually is very short and often inaccurate. Insurance companies know this. The cops usually do not see the accident happening, so they state what people tell them, which as you know it might not be 100% accurate.

Wait and see what State Farm wants to do. They might very well come out and offer you 100% of your damages or pay your deductible up front so you are not out any money. Insurance company deal really fast with rear end (Usually) accidents.

If State Farm gives you the run around, then you can start thinking about getting a lawyer.


for information about how insurance companies determine fault and tips on how to handle your claim against State Farm.

Good Luck,

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