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If you feel a police accident report has wrong information, what should you do?

by Marcella
(Frankfort , KY.)

I picked up the accident report and it has the wrong company that towed my car, and the other driver as having no ins on their veh. but listed a ins. company. this could be a simple mistake and i'm sure my ins. will see that it is wrong.

I called my ins. and told them, all they said was i could call the investigating officer, but it probably wont solve anything. it just makes me question the whole report. what should i do ? I think the info that was to go on mine was put on hers (towing) , because the towing company that towed mine was put on hers.


Hello Marcella,

You have done what you need to do (follow up with the officer). You can continue to call until the mistakes are resolved. However, unless this errors will prejudice you (you are attributed fault), then it might simply be a harmless error as long as all insurance companies note the correct information.

Police reports often have mistakes like this one.

Good Luck,

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Apr 08, 2012
by: Adugna Nigatu

I was involved in an auto accident on 1/10/12 and was tring to make a left turn,before I did some one come beyond school speed limit hit me at the back of the corner.But police reported that I am at fault as well as wrong informations,miss caracterization is given.

Jun 17, 2011
auto accident on
by: Anonymous

I was involved in an auto accident on 6/13/11 and was rushed to the hospital. I had stopped on a red light waiting to turn green on me. When the light turned it turned with a green arrow giving me the right of way... A car came speeding running the red light and struck me and the vehicle behind me struck me too ... I just got the police report and the officer is claiming that i was at fault going by two witnesses that gave false statements ..... I told the officer what had happened and also there were 2 other witnesses that said the other car ran the light and the other car behind me told the officer only he didn't put it in the report..... What can i do to change the report.....

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