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If your insurance company says that the other driver is at fault but the other driver insurance says its your fault how what should you do next?

My van was in an accident. I filed my claim and now my insurance company says that it was the other drivers fault, but the other drivers insurance says it was my fault.

The other driver received a ticket because it was dark and she had no head lights on, the officer felt like she was responsible for the accident.

My van is now a total loss. I have a $2000 deductible and my van is blue book at $3770 What should I do because I am still leasing this van ($5000 is still owed).



You have to start the total loss process with your own insurance company. Please see:

Also, because the insurance companies disagree, they will have to go arbitration over the issue of fault (and possibly the issue of value).

Please see:

I hope this helps.

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