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I'm being sued!

by Jenn

I rear ended someone back in 2006. I received a subpoena today from the passenger in the other vehicle claiming for $200,000 worth of damages.

The accident was minor. They only had a black scratch in the vehicles bumper, the driver nor I were injured, and I was driving at less than 20 mph when we collided. Something smells fishy to me for someone to claim such a high amount.

I will be seeking an attorney to represent me and need advice as to what type of attorney I need to find? (General Practice?) Do you also have any recommendations on firms in Portland, OR? Thank you in advance.


Hi Jenn,

Well, attorneys try to go for certain amount of damages. They put the amount they hope to get ($200,000). Usually they do this so they scare you and you pressure your insurance company into settling early. Do not worry, this is part of a "settling game." They want as much money they can get, you want to settle for what is fair.

Do you need an attorney? Yes you do. However, if you have an insurance policy, you insurance company will appoint one for you. They will pay her/him to defend you. They probably have people on staff that do just that. You really have no say over who the attorney is, they have the right to appoint someone. Send you paper work ASAP to the insurance claim adjuster (yours) so they can answer to the complaint and instruct you how to proceed

If you do not have an insurance policy in your car. You need to find a personal injury lawyer willing to defend you. I have no connections there, so I am sorry, I cannot make a recommendation.

I hope this help you some.

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