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in a no-fault state can the insurnce company say what medcial bills and needs they will pay for when they are do to the car accitent and they are doctor orders

I had a girl run me over 3 times I of course have many of medical needs and bills. It has been 3yrs and of course, with my injurious I have not getting better. so with that said the auto insurance is refusing to pay medical bills.

The care I need, my pills and the list goes on.

This are doctors orders and they still don't care.



I am very sorry to hear about your situation. 3 years? That is a long time. You need to be very careful with the statute of limitations of your state. If the statute is passed, there is a possibility that you lose all your rights. You need to talk to a lawyer.

Also, you really need to get on top of "why they are not covering you"? Again, you need to talk to a lawyer. Please see:

In the alternative, you should also consider reading this book here:

Good Luck,

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