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Injury car accident, my fault, will my medical bills be paid?

by ilica

about nine months ago I just paid off car that was worth around $7550.00,I was involved in auto accident that was my fault and had full coverage insurance, insurance company want to pay $2000.00 for damages only when the cost to fix it is worth way more so the insurance company total my car, I am injured and still continuing ongoing medical treatment,but med pay only cover $1000.00
my questions is:

#1 is insr. company responsible to pay all medical bills including med pay.

#2 can I sue for pain and suffering, loss wages,and medical bills if at fault


Hello Ilica,

1. The insurance company will be responsible for your medical bills up to the limit of your med pay/ pip coverage. If your limit is $5,000, they they will only pay up to that amount. After that, you would have to seek coverage with your health insurance or pay out of pocket. This should be outlined in your policy. See:

2. No. You can't sue any one for pain and suffering if you were at fault. You are liable to yourself in this scenario. If someone else is at fault, then you can sue them and go after their assets.

Good Luck,

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