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Injury claim help please!

by Cindy

My daughter was a passenger of a car driven by a drunk driver and was involved in an accident, his injuries were minor, she spent 3 days in icu for 2 subdural hematomas,

What should we expect in a settlement, can we as her parents recover lost wages etc. without suing?


Hello Cindy,

I am sorry to hear about your daughter's condition. I hope she is doing better.

Insurance companies will be hard to negotiate. She is entitled to a good settlement for her pain and suffering and all her injuries. Visit: for more information about what she can claim and how you should help her with her claim.

Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that the parents are compensated for the loss of wages they suffered. It is a good argument but one that has not prevail in court. You can ask for your documented wage loss and see if they pay you.

You asked about how much you can expect without suing, well. It all depends on her injuries and her medical records (what the doctors exactly said). I cannot give you an answer regarding numbers.

Good Luck,

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