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Injury claim in Texas

by Kandice
(Mexia,Tx usa)

I was rear ended and the driver insurance company paid immediately for the damage to the car. The adjuster wanted to offer me only 500 for pain and suffering. I went to the emergency room, got an mri, and chiropractic.

My medical bills totals 8,000. I live in texas. The at fault driver policy is 300,000/500,000. The mri showed 2 herniated discs in neck and 2 in the back, with sciatica, and degenerative spondylosis.

The other insurance company is saying there is no way I could I sustained that much injury. Should I get an attorney. Can you kind of tell me the formula for compensation


Hello Kandice,

I am sorry to hear about your injury. Every insurance company uses a different index. You should consult with a local attorney as there might be some compensation on this facts.

Please see please see:

Also, look over our pages on bodily injury claims. Please see:

I hope this helps,

Good Luck,

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