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Injury compensation

by Bob

My wife son and I were involved in an accident about a month ago in which I was driving our vehicle. The other vehicle involved had only the driver and no passengers.

The driver of the other vehicle was killed when the vehicle crossed an expressway median and hit our vehicle.

My son was injured and is expected to recover in 3 to 6 months from a serious arm fracture with possible nerve damage.

My wife and I miraculously received only bruises and sprains.
I hope this is enough background information.

Yesterday I received a phone call from the other persons insurance company checking on the status of my sons injuries and was told that his injuries may qualify for compensation under Michigan no fault law if it meets the criteria for serious impairment.

The individual also told me that his client who was killed in the crash was clearly at fault according to the accident report.

The person from the other insurance company has already sent me a medical release form for my sons medical records (which must have already been in the mail when I was called) and would also like a list of my sons physicians and places where he has been treated.

I have never heard of anything like this before and am wondering if this is normal or is there something going on that I need to seek legal council?

The person from the other insurance company has a title of name CPCU Liability Specialist.


Hi Bob, First, let me express my sentiments for your son and for the person that died. I am sorry to learn this is the process.

Bob, you are dealing with a CPCU (what they claim is the equivalent of a Master's degree in Insurance).

The highest level of adjusters out there. They have a lot of training on negotiations and difficult claims. This is clearly a one sided negotiation.

There is nothing against trying to deal with a claim like this on your own, but there are many issues here (mainly Michigan no fault laws) in which I believe you are better of by contacting an attorney. There are things you can sign or do that could hurt your and your son's claim.

I help most people with their claims if they are simple. You have a fatality and there might even be coverage issues if the other insurance company does not have limits to pay for all the damages. It is better if you consult with a lawyer.

The medical authorization form is a form that will give them access to all medical records and bills. They need to see them to asses your son's injuries. Most of these forms are very general and you would be giving up access to all their medical history (since he was a new born) for any and all medical related matters.

I hope my answer help you in this difficult time. I hope you, your wife and son feel better soon.

Good Luck,

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