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Injury Sustained | Probable Long Term Recovery

by Tephani
(Lake Forest, CA)

On 11-22-12 I was involved in a minor collision where I was rear ended. At that time I sustained what I believed were minor injuries related to whiplash. That night I went into ER reporting I had tingling in my fingers and numbness.

My neck, back, shoulder, and arm ached. The following day I went into urgent care with worsened symptoms, and headache and blurred vision. The Dr informed me that the injury I had was a nerve impingement that was causing the numbness and tingling sensations.

Recommended physical therapy in 7-10 days to allow inflammation to resolve. Since then I have suffered from more pain and loss of feeling in my hands and fingers.

I went to Dr today who informed me this is going to be a life long battle and pt will help, but nothing will ease the pain except acupressure and puncture regularly. Should I discontinue treatment the pain will continue.

I do not want to use prescribed narcotic pain meds as I am nursing and believe it is not aiding in pain management. I also have been affected greatly by this as I can not lift my children with my left arm.

What are my options? I want my medical expenses covered, however I also believe I should be compensated for pain suffering, and effects this is having on my children.

Answer to Injury Sustained | Probable Long Term Recovery:

Hello Tephani,

I am very sorry to hear this. There are few remainders here. Simply because one doctor tells you that things will not get better or heal, it does not necessarily mean that this is the case. Always consider a second opinion.

Also, if you do believe that you will have a painful and long recovery, then it is advisable that you talk to an attorney. A claim of this nature could be worth a big settlement, fill the form below for a better evaluation of your injury.

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Also please see: our section on bodily injury and damages.

Good Luck,
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