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Ins company wants to use a motor from a salvage yard, with only 30 days warranty. Is this safe?

by Rose
(Belleville, NJ)

My vehicle was stolen from my house, and later recovered by the state police. The vehicle was towed to a Dealer. The diagnosis of the car, was I needed a new engine (so far). The car had catastrophic failure, due to the sudden occurrence, (so it wasn't wear and tear) They found large chunks of metal shavings in the engine and oil pan, more likely more damages to follow.

My insurance company said, they are going to use a salvage yard engine, with less miles than what I had. I had 60,000., they want to put a 30,000 miles engine. The miles are irrelevant at this point. The motor is still from a junk yard, meaning it was probably involved in an accident as well. I understand insurance companies are allowed to use new, remanufactured, or used parts. I am very reasonable, with using doors, lights, fender, etc., but an engine? How safe can this engine be? They also told me, they were only giving me 30 days warranty. I asked for a rebuilt motor.

Please help. Can they do this? I pay full coverage. (2400/year) My car was never involved in an accident before. I took very good care of my car.

How do I fight this? Is it even worth fighting? I still am making payments on this car. I owe 8,000. This does not seem SAFE at all. I have my son, who I take everywhere. I even had a device on the car that tracks how safe I drive. Can they really use a used motor (engine) from a salvage yard, with absolutely NO background?


Hello Rose,

You have a well founded fear. They are allowed to do this, but they cannot really tell you where this engine is from or if it was in an accident.

Your best cause of action is make sure they give you a "LETTER OF GUARANTEE." This letter assures you that if the vehicle has any problems at all (engine whys), the insurance company agrees to fix it (note, it's the insurance company who is doing this, not a body shop or a repair person).

Insurance companies often fight that they don't have to give you this guarantees, however, if they want to fix the vehicle, they either give you a new engine or give you assurances. They cannot claim that the vehicle would be in the same condition you had it, but then turn around and not want to give you any guarantee.

This is not an easy fight. They will fight to you until the end, but that's my suggestion.

Good Luck,
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