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Insurance adjuster can't handle claim because they are not licensed in my state

I have a diminished value claim currently ongoing with AAA. The at fault party is from Michigan, and the adjuster is always claiming on the phone that she is not licensed in Georgia and therefore cannot handle my claim.

She has foisted me off on another guy who is licensed here.

My question is: Is this merely a tactic she is using to delay and confuse me? Is it true that she cannot handle this claim as she says?



Well, it depends. Some states required that adjuster be licensed. Some allow people to acquire an adjuster's license, but anyone can handle a claim without a license (basically a formality to those who want to have one).

Other state do not even have adjuster licensing.

You need to check and see what Georgia requires. Contact the department of insurance and ask if anyone can handle a claim (including adjuster's from other states) or if this is simply a formation. Ask them if they are REQUIRED to be license.

This is the only what to find out.

Good Luck,
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Spokane Washington

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