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Insurance Appraisal

by Kevin

There were several sights of damage left off my appraisal from my agent, he has issued me a check.

How do I get him to come back and appraise the missed damage to the vehicle rather than having him say " the repair shop will contact me with further damage"? I may want a family member to fix the car and would want the check made to me.


Hi Kevin,

You want to go over the estimate with a mechanic. The insurance company will not consider any further damage unless you have a mechanic (or someone that works on that field) go over the estimate. You can pay a mechanic to write an estimate and take that estimate to the insurance company.

Explain that you are seeking compensation for the things that got missed the first time. Usually insurance companies will give you the difference.

Note, insurance companies are not very willing to give you much more than 200 to 300 dollars if you do not get the car fixed. They will tell you that there is no damage unless you "get" under the body and check (which usually happens when inspecting vehicles).

You best bet is to talk to a mechanic and have them review the estimate (unless you are a mechanic yourself).

Good Luck,

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