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Insurance Claim is refusing to pay for engine damage

by Olson
(29 palms, CA )

I was in a car accident where I hit a vehicle in the front right side (passenger) as I was trying to turn and miss the high speeding vehicle coming up behind me.

My frame and grill was pushed in. I called the police and they filled out a police report and cleared me to go. I drove for about twenty minutes before i noticed my fluid level go to high and my oil light come on.

I immediately made my way to the right median of the highway as my jeep cut off and lost power. I steered my way to the median and turned the jeep off. I got out and noticed brown fluid streaming down my grill. I immediately called a tow truck where they towed it to the body shop.

Wouldn't this be covered as the fluid loss is a direct cause of the accident. I would have been fine to drive home with no fluid loss if I didn't have the accident?


Hello Olson,

If you can show that his was a direct cause of the accident and that this was an "accident" loss, then you should have coverage as long as you carry collision.

However, insurance companies are notorious for trying to avoid paying a loss like this one. They will probably argue that this was "mechanical break down" (which is most likely excluded) and depending on the age of your vehicle, you may have a hard time arguing.

Remember, it's their burden to show the mechanical break down, if they can't, they must cover the loss (if you have collision coverage).

Good Luck,
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