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insurance co. release form

by greg judson
(savannah ga.)

My truck was damage in a accident, the repairs have been made ,the truck is at the body shop that made the repairs waiting to be paid ,trucking co. that’s at fault fax me a release form which has both physical damage for the tuck as well as personal injury, loss wages in the document.

I tried to contact the trucking co. representative to let him no i wil not sign this document until they remove personal injury and loss wages from the document ,and all of a sudden i can,t get in contact with him . what shall i do?


Hello Greg,

You can keep trying. Chances are the adjuster is checking with her managers on what to do. Most people sign and do not read, so you are way ahead of the game. Good for you.

They cannot force your to settle for both. The truck damages are separate and apart from the injury damages. You can settle the one without the other and they are not supposed to leverage against you by settling the one without the other.

If this situation has gone for more than a week and/or the accident happened more than 30 days ago, you can contact the office of the insurance commissioner of your state. Here is link to all 50 states (please see table at bottom of the page).

If it has not been more than 30 days, keep calling the adjuster, their supervisor, and their supervisor. They will get to you about this settlement.

Good Luck

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