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Insurance company being notified

by Kristin

Hello! Last week I was pulled over and given a DWI. I am in the process of getting it possibly dismissed or at least reduced to a careless operations instead of a DWI.

My problem is that it happened while driving a company vehicle and if they do a scan and find this on my record, I could get terminated.

I am wondering if when pulled over and they write this ticket, do they automatically notify the company insurance and they will notify the company of this charge. Or until the actual court date, is there no charge actually made yet.

My fear is that they will run a scan on my license and see that it was suspended and has a DWI charge, when in reality in the next few months, I will either be getting it reduced or pleading article 894 which they say will keep it off my record.

Once I do that, I am wondering if I can prevent the company from ever knowing it happened. I am terried that I should say something but don't want to if I don't have to.

Do you happen to know if insurance companies are contacted when the ticket is first written or if nobody is notified of the charge until the court date and once they determine guilty or not guilty?

I hope this wasn't too confusing, and if you could help, then thank you, thank you!!



You are strongly encourage to talk to an attorney. This situation could leave you out of a job.

The insurance company I worked for was not notified directly of the offense. Usually it is the agents that look over your record when they go to renew the policy. Of course, if information comes to them, they must take it into account when looking at how much "risk" there is when insuring you.

Now, different states do different things, and again it is possible that your state have a data base available to your insurance company.

Also, remember that your employment contract might require you to disclose not only an actual charge, but the fact that you got accused or pulled over.

I hope this helps some, and I am sorry I cannot give you a more definite answer.

Good luck,

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