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Insurance company doesn't want to pay the limit. Kansas

by Jeweline
(Shawnee, KS USA)

I was on my way to work when a car that was coming out of a side street pulled out in front of me. She received a ticket, not sure what for, probably running a stop sign. This happened almost two years ago. Liability was never an issue. She showed an expired card to the officer, but they did not check it.

After a year of treatments, epidual injections, tests the final results show I am disabled with damage in my lower back. The insurance company (mine) has tried to settle for a very low settlement on my UIM.

I have given them all kinds of reports, doctor statements that I am disabled and I have been approved for Social Security Disability ( as of July09).

They even sent me for an IME of their choice. He verified the damage and said I needed more tests and treatments and possibly even surgery. They are still refusing to pay the limit (which will not make up for what I could have earned working.) They are now asking for "the support I provided to the SS administration and what the diagnosis for the disability is."

THEY HAVE MORE THAN THE SSA HAS ON MY CASE. I have contacted the State Insurance department and have someone there trying to help me also. He also believe's they are trying not to pay what they should.

What are my options at this point? I do not want to get a lawyer involved at this point because I have done all the work on this myself. (I have been almost a year dealing with them, getting them everything they have asked for) I have provided my burden of proof and my doctor also gave a statement 2 weeks ago that I will never be able to work again.

I am also a 61 yr old woman who is now not able to walk, run, garden, pick anything up or even do my housework etc.

Please can you tell me what I need to do now? What kind of court case am I looking at? etc?

Can I file suit against them and what kind? I know it is more than small claims because I am permanently damaged.

Thanks so much for your assistance.



Hello Jeweline,

You really need to talk to a lawyer. There way too many variables here. Contact an attorney and see what your options are before you hire them. Please see:

It would be good if you understand all your rights and responsibilities before you hire them. We recommend this book if you are adamant that no lawyer should take your case.

If you want to find out how much you can get, a lawyer could review your case for free here:

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I hope this helps

Good Luck,

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