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Insurance Company Requesting Cell Phone records

by daniel
(san diego, ca, usa)

I had an interview with my insurance company claims investigator for the theft of my vehicle. During the conversation i got a feeling like he was trying to trick me to saying a couple of things I didnt agree with.

I was being honest and tryign to provide as much info as requested. At the end he requested my cell phone records for the days up and after the theft. What for? or is he trying to see if I did it? any comments please respond thank you.


Hello Daniel,

It is odd they want to see so much. Usually, they either pay the claim or not. If they have "questions," those questions must have strong basis. They cannot harass you or ask for documentation that you cannot provide.

Technically speaking, it is very possible that you must provide your cell phone records. If you do not have anything to hide, I would provide them. However, if they give you any trouble at all, tell them that the are dragging their feet to not pay the claim (acting in bad faith).

Contact a lawyer in your area. Usually a letter from an attorney get them moving. If it is past 30 days, contact the department of insurance at: and file a formal complaint. Remember, they have a reasonable time to investigate (usually 30 days), so do not file a complaint before then.

Talk to a lawyer also.

Good Luck,

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