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Insurance company says car not covered

We bought a car from a reputable dealer about 8 months ago. My husband was recently in an accident where he was the only one involved, and he was swerving to miss an animal. On making the claim, he was told it was a no-fault accident.

THEN they said that the car is not covered, that they have no record of the car. They have a record of the other 2 cars.

I talked with the dealer, who said they notified the company when we bought the car, we also called them the next day to notify them. I have received my registration and a permanent tag for the car, which the DMV says I can't get without insurance.

The DMV has not received anything from the insurance company about lapse in coverage. The insurance company says that my increase in rates was just a periodic increase.

How can I prove that I do have insurance, and make them pay for the claim?




You usually have 30 days to add a new vehicle. It is YOUR responsibility to notify your agent and/or insurance company, not your dealer or the DMV. Most of the time, you want to make this notification in writing so you don't have this issue. An email would be helpful.

A coverage investigation by the insurance company must be done and they must determine if you did or did not ad the vehicle. Eight months later is a difficult time to inform them. Did you drive eight months without an insurance card showing the car as insured?

There is no much you can do other than ask for the denial in writing, talk to an attorney, and file a complaint against the carrier to see if that prompt them to review their notes.

Good Luck,
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