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Insurance company's first offer too low

I was involved in a rear end collision and had a cervical injury to my discs. I used your website to write my demand letter; added up my medical bills, lost wages, and calculated my pain and suffering claim.

The total came to around 23,000 (my medical bills and lost wages have equaled about 12000 alone) and the insurance company offered back only 7,000.

I feel my claim is definitely worth more and have all the documentation (already sent with demand letter) to prove it.

Now what? How should I format my counter offer? I am doing everything in writing as suggested.

Amy A.


Hello Amy A,

What writings are you referring to? The eBook? If that is the case, there is a section on negotiation there on how this is a back and forward process. Read those sections again (we do not support any writings here), and come up with a negotiation strategy that works for you.

I hope you can settle your claim for what IT IS REALLY worth.

Good Luck,
Auto Insurance Claim Advice
Spokane Washington

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