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Insurance Coverage

by Angela

If you are the driver of a car that doesn't belong to you and you don't have any insurance are you allowed to be driving that car? Will the insurance company pay a claim when the driver is not listed on the insurance policy?

I was involved in a rear end accident and the driver of the other car is not on the car owner's (owned by girlfriend's mother) policy nor does he have any insurance.


Hello Angela,

I am sorry to hear about your accident. The general rule is that insurance follows the car. If the car is insured (there is an active policy), then the vehicle is insured regardless who is driving. There is a clause in the insurance policy called the omnibus clause. This clause is the one that allows for this.

There are couple of exceptions: one is if the driver is excluded completely form that policy (Angela cannot drive this vehicle). Two, If there is no reasonable belief that you have permission to drive the vehicle. If the driver had permission, then you are good.

A driver does not have to be put in the policy to be covered.

Good Luck,

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