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Insurance coverage?

My daughter's (who is on our insurance) friend used our vehicle without our knowledge or consent and was involved in an accident several months ago. We were unaware of the accident because all the damage was under neath the vehicle.

I have not been able to talk with the 24 year old and he will not return my daughters calls and I don't know any more details my daughter was not with him at the time of the accident.

She says she did not give him permission to take the vehicle but I would say that is questionable since it was her boyfriend at the time. He currently has a license but at the point of the accident I believe his license was suspended.

Will my insurance cover the accident?

Answer to: Insurance coverage?


This is a very difficult question. You are correct, no permission is a exclusion to coverage. If she denies that she gave him permission, you may have a problem.

Each state has a different rule regarding permissive use; you may want to talk to a lawyer.

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