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Insurance Mandatory Requirements and Bad Fault Investigation

I was in an accident, hit ice and lost control at night, the other driver completely turned my vehicle around, and did much damage to my Car. The Policeman was a jerk, never asked me anything, very uncaring.

Well, the other Driver and passenger wanted to leave right away, and didn't seek medical help, I went in an ambulance. Now, I find out on the Police report that they had NO Insurance and my dumb Geico agent didn't question anything when the passenger sought treatment afterwards and she would not tell me when?

Everyone I have talked to says, this is not legal, well she paid the bill, and now I had NO collision, but there Car is suppose to be fixable. I know that if they didn't have Insurance, they will take the money and use it, not fix it up. The Insurance Lady was like she is there's and they have none. Where is his fine on the Police report? He should of taken breath tests as I have never had a ticket or been in a my fault accident.

Now, the Police wants to fine me $218.00 for this and that, but yet never asked me one question. Also take 4 pts off my Drivers License. SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG HERE AND MY SON Came to the scene and said there is something wrong why they wanted to get out of there and leave fast.

Thank You for answering, but I am just sick from all of this and my injuries. What is wrong with this scene.

Thank You, Donna


Hello Donna,

The errors in the investigation do not change the fact that you lost control and hit a another vehicle. You can be at fault for that even if you have an impeccable driving record.

Collision coverage would only cover the damages to your own auto, not the damages you caused a third party. You are required to have "liability" coverage, which is what would protect you here.

It's wise that you talk to a local attorney.

Good Luck,
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