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Insurance not repairing my car

by Emre

I had a minor accident couple days ago and filed a claim om my insurance. (The car is on my name and there is no loan) They contacted me, gave me my options of either taking my car to one of the repairshops in their program or send another appraiser.

I took my car to the repairshop that they mentioned and got the estimate. It is about $2500. Minor damage in 3 parts and their labor and paint cost raises the total cost.

However, I was already thinking about selling my car in 2-3 months and buying a new one. So my question is: Can I ask for the check for their repairshop estimate (minus deductible) and not repair my car at a body shop.

I like DIY myself and I'd like to try to repair as much as I can before selling it and sell it as is. It will be lower than its actual value but the check will cover it.


Hi Erme,

If you are going with the estimate that they gave you (their repair shop), and you own the car (the title is on your name alone), there is no problem. You can ask for a check to you and take it from there. This would not be an issue.

You own your car and your police, the must pay you per their estimate.

Good Luck,

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