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Insurance payment increased after weahter related accident

by Carmen

My husband hit black ice....toteling his truck. A year later we bought another car...finding out that while paying 135.00 full coverage on two cars... payment went up to 265.00 a month....

it was told to us because of the weather related acc. my husband had lost 2 points on him. I don't understand this. The other car is a 2005 not even a new one.

We have been with Farmers for a long time and also have our home and life insurance with them. I think we need to check into another Insurance but feel that it would be hopeless. It was told to us that after 3yrs. this would drop.

Texas Lady: Thank You, Carmen


Hello Carmen,

Unfortunately there is not much you can’t do. One car accidents (weather related) are often tagged as 100% at fault against the driver. The insurance company (Farmers) will use this information to assess the risk involved with insurance you.

However, other facts should be taken into account here. 1. How long you have coverage for? 2. How many accidents? 3. How many polices 4. How old are the cards.

That is a substantial jump! That is almost a 100% increase! You should seriously consider moving all your polices out of Farmers. Good thing this was a non injury accident.

Get a quote from several carriers (free to you), you can only find out if you are paying too much and if you should change carriers. We recommend this site:

But there are several others on line.

Good Luck Carmen,

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