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Insurance Purchased my car | What to do now?

by Wesley

I was involved in an auto accident July 24 2007 and I contacted the other drivers insurance to notify them of the accident. The next day they came to home and valued my car and purchased my car.

That was the last that I heard from them until recently. They are now suing me for $1500 Bodily injury. I went to court today for the 1st time and the judge told their lawyer that it was very interesting that they would purchase my car then wait almost 3yrs to sue me for bodily injury.

She also ordered that they provide me with the copies of the purchase of my salvaged vehicle.

But my question is what will happen next? What should I prepare for next? We go back to court in April



They purchased your vehicle? Who's at fault here? You?

Did you injured anyone?

There is imply too many questions here. We do not know what the facts are to give you an answer. Contact a local attorney to help you, that's the best thing you can do.

Good Luck,

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