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Insurance refusing to fix

by Jeff
(Doylestown, Ohio usa)

I was involved in an accident between me and one other person. I was at a dead stop in traffic and the other person hit me from behind on right side. Everything was paid for and taking care of except for one thing.

Due to the accident the bumper and right quarter panel were refinished and repainted. A design existed before the accident on both quarter panels right and left.

Do you see the problem here, now the right side is plain blue paint and and the left blue paint with a design in a darker blue paint.

I was hoping the left side to be refinished as well to match because I know it would be difficult to put a matching design on the right side.

Insurance says it was a pre existing condition that is not covered. Is the point of insurance to bring back the state before the accident, well it matched before the accident

On the picture note the design just above the gas tank door dark blue flames.


Hello Jeff,

You are 100% correct!

They must put you back in the position you were before the accident. What evidence do they have that this is pre existing? It's their burden to show that!

The vehicle must match, if it does not, consider asking for diminished value.


Good Luck,

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