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Insurance settlement on 2001 Z06 corvette.

by Michael
(Mansfield ,Tx )

The insurance company has made me an offer for my total loss claim, they've given me two offers one for 30,818.00 on 9/10/2010 which I declined because they were not considering the 13,000 I had done in upgrades to the car as of 10/12/2010 the offer is 34,000.00 they say the car is worth 23,000 plus upgrades already done to the car before I bought it are worth 2,000 the upgrades I added are worth 7,000 in there eyes not 13,000 plus 2,000 in sales tax which brings total value to 34,000.00 only 3,000.00 more than the first offer I still feel like my car is worth more but thats my opinion because of all the time and money I put in the car the insurance company hired an outside agency to appraise the parts and he said the parts actually decrease the value of the car not increase but thats a matter of opinion as well.

My question is when do you know the insurance company has given you there finally offer and there DONE its over no more offers and what should I do next.

I'd like to add this is a great web site had it not been for Auto Insurance Claim Advice I wouldnt be this far in my claim just 5mths ago I thought I wasent going to get anything but with your help AND ADVICE Im sitting on an offer now PEOPLE THIS SITE WORKS ITS WORTH MORE THAN FIVE BUCKS TRUST ME THANK THANK THANK YOU Insurance Claim Advice. YOU ARE A BLESSING AND ACE IN THE HOLE TO PEOPLE LIKE MYSELF WITH INSURANCE ISSUES. THANK YOU


Hello Michael,

Usually, with total loss only, the adjuster will give you 2 to 3 offers and that is about it. They do not have much room to negotiate. It's more about "actual evidence" or "estimates" than the back and forth that occurs with injury claims. I hope this answers your claim.

I am glad this site helped you increase your offer by $3,000.00 and thank you for the comments regarding the site.

Good Luck,
Auto Insurance Claim Advice

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