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Insured driver not present | Effect on the claim process

by Sandra

If I crashed into someone’s car and the named driver wasn’t present.

However; they called to make a claim when another person was responsible for the vehicle at the time can the named driver still claim and give evidence even though the was not present.

Answer to Insured driver not present | Effect on the claim process:

Hello Sandra.

You have an interesting question and it is no very clear really what you want us to address.

Physical presence is not a requirement to make a claim. However, if this policy only covers the driver (excludes everyone else), then this is, of course, problematic.

The second issue is why the driver letting other people drive? This may or may not be an issue depending on the policy. Usually, members of the household are covered. If that other driver is not a member of the household (they live under the same roof), then if this person uses the car for “regular use”, there may be a coverage issue.

Read the policy carefully. However, the named insured not only can give evidence, but it is required under the policy to cooperate with the investigation.

Good Luck,
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