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Insurer requesting a POA

My insurer is requesting a POA on my claim. What is a POA and why is it required? The car has been taken back to the bodyshop twice now, and now they want it back a third time for this POA. The bodyshop said the damage is extensive.



A POA is a power of attorney. It is required when you are not the registered owner of the car or the title holder. It is also required if someone else is also listed on the registration of the car (wife, sister, husband, brother).

Why is it required? The insurance company owes the “owner” of the car for the repairs, regardless of who is the policy holder. The owner of the car is legally the person who suffered the damage. It was their property the one that was damaged.

If the insurance company pays you, but you are not the owner (legally registered owner), there is a possibility that the real owner come back later and the insurance company would have to pay them again, since they were never directly paid by insurance. (The insurance company would go after the person they originally paid to get the money back).

That is the only reason why the we believe a POA would be required.

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Feb 01, 2009
Ha Ja! The comment above probably has it right
by: Auto Insurance Claim Advice

Hello anonymous,

Thank you for the comment. You are probably correct. Not sure what carriers call it a PDA, but given the fact that we are talking about a vehicle with extensive damage, you probably hit the nail on the head. Thank you.

Good luck,

Jan 31, 2009
by: Anonymous

I think he is referring to a PDA(pre damage assessment??). It's an assessment of the condition of the vehicle. The insurer is considering declaring the vehicle a total loss and wants to confirm the options and general condition of the car, so the preferred vendor bodyshop or adjuster fill out a form to send to the insurer to consider what the vehicle is worth to decide if it should be repaired or declared total loss and to decide what the fair market value is, in order to input into CCC the information.

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