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Intoxicated driver hit my parked car

by Yolanda

One morning I noticed my car was missing and there was glass shattered everywhere on the street. After a few frantic calls I found out that my car was in a storage lot because an intoxicated elderly lady totaled my parked car in the middle of the night.

She was arrested for a DUI and the officers who covered the scene towed my car to a storage lot. The car will be a total loss, but wouldn't the amount I am given exceed what the car is worth considering the run-around hassle her insurance company is putting me through as well her DUI arrest?

Also, what case do I have if I decide to take her to court since this whole mess was none of my fault and her carelessness damaged my property- considering her insurance company doesn't exceed all costs?
Thank you, any advice would be appreciated!

Answer: to Intoxicated driver hit my parked car

Hello Yolanda,

Well, that is the way it should be, but unfortunately it is not. Insurance companies do not owe you for inconvenience or hassle. They only pay things like this if there is an actual injury (i.e. the car touched you).

Since you were not aware that there was an accident, it is very unlikely that they pay you more than the total loss value (fair market value) and a rental car until they deem the vehicle a total.

You can try to go after the lady in court and the court might make them pay for that, but that is something that you have to take directly. I know this is unfair, but this is what insurance companies do.

To learn how to document your total loss, visit:

Good Luck,

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