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Is $750 a reasonable amount for passenger uninjured in accident

My 6 year old daughter was a passenger in a major collision. The driver of the other vehicle was at fault.

My daughter was okay with just a few scratches and a bruise on her hip. She has been in 3 accidents since she was born and her close grandfather was killed in an accident. It has affected her mentally.

I am considering some type of counseling. The insurance adjuster offered $500 b/c she didn't receive medical care.

I mentioned the counseling and she automatically upped the offer to $750. Is this reasonable? I didn't really expect anything as I know nothing about this sort of thing.

Thank you



Well, it is complicated to determine if this offer would be reasonable or not without more facts. The bruise does suggest injury, but as you know, you must show your injury by objective evidence (medical care). If you believe your daughter has been mentally harmed by this, then seeking medical care is prudent.

As far as $750 being a reasonable offer, it is very hard to say. If there is no injury, then sure. However, if there is something wrong, then probably not. The only way to find out if something is wrong is by talking to a doctor. Please consult with a local attorney also.

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