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Is going into the ditch considered comp or collision in Minnesota?

My wife was driving our 2009 Nissan Versa and hit an icey patch on the road, sid into the ditch and jumped an approach.

The insurance company i am dealing with tells me that is collision, meaning I would have to pay 1000$ deductable verses 500$ for comp.

It seems since there wasn't any other vehicle involved it would be comp, but they swear its not. What is the right answer ?

Thanks in advance, Larry


Hello Larry,

It's probably a collision (99% of the time it is).

You have to look at the policy and see how a collision is defined. Also look at comprehensive and see how that term is defined. If you fit the comp definition or both, then you can argue that they must advocate for you and owe you a duty to do what is best in your interest (pay the lower deductible).

Usually, collisions are defined as only crashes against objects (but not animals). The ground is a an object, and thus it's a collision.

See more here:

A comprehensive claim is damaged cause by projectiles, falling objects, theft, vandalism, fire, and acts of god.

See more here:

It's possible that your claim is closer to a collision than to a comprehensive claim.

Good Luck,

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