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is it better to use my insurance's PIP for my medical ($10K), or place the entire burden on the at-fault insurance?

by Lewis
(Spokane, WA, USA)

Stopped to turn left into my apt complex, with turn signal, waiting for oncoming traffic. Was struck from behind. both vehicles drivable.

At-fault driver cited for "following too close." Went to my doctor within four (4) hours, and was told "whiplash" to my neck and back. Going to my chiropractor this afternoon.

My insurance called and suggested using my PIP. If my PIP is exhausted, would then go to my personal insurance.


Hello Lewis,

I am sorry to hear about your accident. I also live in Spokane. I can help you with your vehicle accident if you need help. Please call my office at (509) 927-3840 if you need my assistance.

The PIP coverage must be exhausted first, then, unfortunately, you have to cover your expenses out of pocket until you settle the claim.

The good news is that 10K is a lot of coverage and unless you are doing a bunch of unnecessary treatment, you should be covered.

You don't want to wait until settlement time as the at-fault insurance will only pay when you settle, thus all the bills will go unpaid until then.

Unless you settle right of way, you need PIP.

I hope this helps

Good Luck,
Spokane Legal Help

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