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Is it customary for my attorney to ask for another recorded statement?

by Trish
(Louisville Ky )

I was involved in an accident almost 2 mos. ago. I only carry liability insurance and was hit in my drivers side behind passenger door in middle of an intersection. My car was hit so hard its done frame damaged and the other drivers insured has wrote car off as totaled.

I and 1 of my passengers sustained body injuries. The other car received a busted head light and the driver was fine.

The other driver gave a statement to the officer that arrived at the site. There were no witnesses other than a man who stated he saw my car being pushed by the other driver but he couldn't say who came from where. I've hired an attorney who called and had me on 3 way to give a recorded statement for the other drivers insurer in the beginning.

Now my attorney is calling me stating the insures investigator wants me to come into my attorneys office and meet with the investigator to give another recorded statement.

When I questioned the one I previously given, my attorney said that the investigator should be able to get the tape from his client (the other insured company), but he wants his own copy and my case will be on hold until the investigator gets my recorded statement.

I'm starting to feel as if my attorneys arent working in my best interest. Should i meet and give them another recorded statement? Ive tried calling to speak with my attorney and keep getting his assistant. When I leave messages for (my attorney) to call me, no such luck.

I've been inquiring as to want progress is being made its been almost 2 mos and im without a auto and still seeing a doctor for injuries.

I feel as if Im getting the run around. Im thinking of changing attorneys but dont want to be stuck with a ridiculous bill from them from what they havent done. Im getting a feelin something isnt right. Is it just me or should I be concerned?


Hello Trish,

It is customary to give two recorded statements. One to your own insurance company and one to the other side. Usually, most attorney do not allow a recorded statement to the other side, but in some instances, a recorded statement is a necessary. Most lawyers will want to be present at the time of the statements so they can guide you.

This might be the best approach an attorney can take. So is it customary to ask for the other statement? I could be. It depends on your claim. Your best advocate here is your lawyer. She can help you determine what is best.
I think you should see this ebook there the entire process is outlined and you will be able to see if your lawyer is "representing" your interest or hers.

I hope this helps

Good Luck,

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