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is my insurance void if I have an accident on a no access road?

by Brian

I park my car in a no access street as it is near to my child’s school and there is room. If I accidently hit a parked car, will my insurance pay for the repairs?

Is my insurance void if I have an accident on a no access road?

Hello Brian,

I am not following why you think if there is no access road, why your insurance coverage be voided.

An insurance policy will cover your negligence. If you hit a car, you have to pay for the damages caused. In many states, even if you hit a car illegally parked, it is still a vehicle that is there to be seen. There is no reason to hit it. The illegally parked may still have liability.

The point here is that fault and coverage are two different things. Coverage can be voided by fraud, misrepresentation, etc. Usually a condition of a road will not void it.

Good Luck
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