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Is my truck covered???? | Fire loss at bodyshop while under their control

by Robert
(Riverside,Ca. )

I recently had a 2007 Lincoln Mark Lt in a suspension shop. There was an accidental fire (after hours) that started in an electrical room.

My truck caught on fire which resulted in it becoming a total loss. I have AAA Insurance, full coverage and my truck is paid off.

The owner of the shop does not have insurance on the building.

What can I expect to happen?. Will my insurance carrier replace my truck?


Hello Robert,

Most likely yes, but only if you have comprehensive coverage (most of the time, if you have full coverage, then you have comprehensive). Please see:

They will pay you the actual cash value of your truck minus your deductible and then go after the shop owner to pay them back. They might never recover the loss.

At least you have insurance which should protect you here.

Good Luck,

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