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Is the adjuster telling the truth?

by Patrice

I had an accident in 11/2009 in which I was backing out of the school parking lot on an incline and the lady was coming into me at the same time. The accident was unavoidable because she was behind my van. Luckily I was very cautious looking and backing out. I put a pinhole scratch on the back bumper of her car. I took pictures which I lost on the the phone I had at the time. The police was called and he had us exchanged information and he let us both go. Neither one of us received a ticket or a police report.

I reported the accident to California Casualty. When I went to get car insurance later this year from another company because my daughter and I bought a car together. Her insurance told me that California Casualty had reported it as my fault and paid the lady $300.00. I never received anything from stating that they were paying any type of claim.

When I asked them about this, they said that the accident was not put on the books. I called back in response to the insurance report I got back from the consumer company which clearly shows that someone reported this from California Casualty. When I asked them to send me information whether it be the accident report or any information they refused stating they had no such records.

I am very determined to get to the bottom of this because they not only up my insurance costs which they said they would not do but this makes me look bad to any other auto insurance company. The damages was so small and minor it makes me question whether the adjuster ever came to Florida to check. This happened twice.

How can I dispute this damaging reports with the insurance consumer company to get them to take this off?


Hello Patrice,

Well, you have a right to your claim history. Was there a claim? And if so, was it paid? And if so, why?

You are entitled to this answers. If in fact, those records do not exists, then have the insurance company (or your agent) put this in writing so you can show to your next provider (so they will not ding you).

That's about it. If there is a claim, and they paid, then contact the department of insurance (also called office of the insurance commissioner) and file a complaint to see if they will answer correctly.

Good Luck,
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