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Is there a time limit in which to pursue suing for wreck not my fault

by Caroline
(Memphis, TN)

Hit last November or December in parking lot, police not called. Insurance not filed on my part, but did call other driver's insurance. State farm first said would pay half, then totally denied.

I have not pursued, except to call the person herself. I am now looking at repairing and want her to pay. How do I pursue? Is it too late to sue?

My mother became deathly ill and I was unable to follow up for many months. I am now trying to repair and want to pursue this. whom do I sue? Her or State Farm? She very clearly backed into me. No question.


Hello Caroline,

If you have a cause of action, you would have it against the person that hit you, not their insurance company. Please talk to an attorney before you file anything. Also, please read these articles as it explains very important considerations before starting litigation!

Good Luck,
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