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Is this insurance fraud?

by Ms. Harrison
(South Carolina)

I was recently in a hit and run accident. My insurance company had to pay for the damages. An adjuster came out to look at my car and gave me an estimate. I was given a check the same day.

I found a body shop to fix the car but I had to buy my own parts. The place i ordered my part from took too long so I decided to take my car to the place I purchased it from.

I was behind in payments so I asked would it be ok if i payed up the late balance and he add the cost of repairs onto the total cost of my car. he said yes. I did that.

Now he is screaming he is going to get me for insurance fraud. Is this true? Can he do this? I am so scared if that was wrong i did not know. I really need help.


Hello Ms. Harrison,

You may want to talk to an attorney regarding this. Insurance fraud occurs when you misrepresent something to the insurance company. It's the insurance company who goes after you. It's really not up to him who "gets" you.

If you have done nothing wrong and have disclosed everything to the insurance company, then you should not worry.

As always, contact an attorney to see what the local laws would require you to do.

Good Luck,
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