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Is This Legal? | Issues with towing company

by Vi

My daughter was in an automobile accident about six weeks ago. She only had liability. We're from West Covina, CA. The other driver was at fault according to witnesses and the police report. The other drivers insurance paid my daughter for her car and injuries.

The towing company who had her car sent her a letter saying that my daughter owes them $1,400 for storing her car. They said if she doesn't pay, they will send it to collections. The towing company has already salvaged her car. Is this legal? Any answer is appreciated.

Thank you for your time.


What do you mean they salvaged the vehicle? Towing companies have the ability to take over the vehicle to pay for a tow bill. They have this power (legally speaking). Usually, when they do this, they write off the debt (the excess between what the salvaged car is worth and what the bill is for – which sometimes can be more from what the car is worth), but it depends on how much you owe.

The issue here is that if the other party paid for your car and damages, it is them who own that vehicle. They basically bought the vehicle as if the vehicle never existed. They have to do something about the car or the salvage. Contact them directly and ask them to do something or contact the two truck company and tell them who is the legal (or was) owner of the vehicle.

Remember to put things on writing.

Good Luck,

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