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Is usaa trying to screw me?


I hit their client at 45mph as he was attempting to make a u-turn. His fault as the police report states.

Failure to yield to oncoming traffic. Damage to my vehicle exceeds its worth to them. (1) estimate by there flagship body shop in our area. Now after I was informed to remove all my belongings, tag toolbox etc.. my truck has now been towed from FL. to AL.

This has happened without my signature or settlement. As it was not my fault, and to replace my vehicle prices start at 4800.00 why are they only offering me 3241.00 plus some B.S. 224.00 tax check that they supposedly will send me later after I purchase another truck? AS this truck is how I make money, should they not be responsible to replace my truck?


As I understand your question, you have a truck that was declared a total loss. You replaced it for $4,800, but they are offering you $3,241 + a 224.00 tax. So a total of $3465 or a $1335 difference.

If the truck is a total loss, they are required to pay you its fair market value, which does not mean replacement.

However, they owe you for the rental value of a similar truck the days that you were out of a vehicle until they made you an offer or made a payment to you (depends on the state).

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Regarding your question about the truck being the way you make money?

Again, they owe you the fair market value of the truck, but if you can show that you could not work or you lost out on some jobs by providing some written evidence (like giving them some receipts or contracts showing that you did not fulfilled your obligations).

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I hope this helps,
Good Luck

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Oct 09, 2010
Yep, partially via the valuation service
by: Anonymous

Internet search for CCC valuations. They stated in court they save ins. companies money thru lower payouts.
Dealing with their tactics while trying to come to an agreement with them sucks. My insurance uses CCC also........Their client negligently (I was stopped, she was doing 45)ran into the back of my car. Besides the CCC issue, I see it as me directly dealing with them. Looking for lawyer now due to their bad faith negotiations.
Any in the Spotsylvania Virginia area?

Sep 08, 2010
USAA sucks
by: Anonymous

I rear ended a driver with USAA. I knew it was my fault, so I had no problem paying. I had to pay out of pocket since my insurance was cancelled without my knowledge, but that's another story. Anyway, they sent me a bill for $646, and I sent them a cashiers check for full amount. Now they are claiming that was just a "rough estimate", and I still owe $1200 plus dollars. The letter I got in the mail said nothing about it being an estimate or that it may change. I don't understand how an estimate jumps $1200.

Nov 04, 2008
usaa trying to screw me too
by: Anonymous

USAA is trying to scew me over also. Trying to make me a low offer for my truck, and a salavage title. I can't get a salavage title without some repair and a safety inspection. They won't cover any cost for that. So I'm out a truck plus can't afford to get another vehicle to replace it. So I'm screwed by USAA cause the person hit me.

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