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Key Examination | Fishing Expedition?

My insurance company is telling me that my car which was stolen and burnt could only be started with a key. The car was a Chrysler grand voyager. Now they have sent my keys off to be examined.

Could any one tell me what this is for and how long it takes as I feel like insurance are stalling and while this is unsettled I am paying for a car I do not have (finance, car insurance) and having to hire a car to.


Answer to Key Examination:


We are sorry you are having this problem. Fire claims are difficult to handle and insurance companies look at those very carefully.

It is "too easy" for a vehicle owner, who does not want to pay a vehicle anymore, to claim it stolen and burned.

In addition, it does raise a flag if the car is stolen for the purpose of being burned. Usually, a car is taken to be sold, to be sold for parts, or to be used in a criminal act. It would appear that the only reason they would take a car to burn it, it is to commit a criminal act in it. Without evidence of that, it certainly leaves you asking yourself, what happened with this car?

The key examination is a common procedure. Do read materials about the make and model of your van. Is that a true statement?

Although it is true that some vehicles have advance key mechanisms; it is also true that they can be bypassed by the proper thief. There are ways around the key mechanism. The problem of course is that a thief would probably not go into a big lengthy process to take the car and then burn it.

You are advised to talk to an attorney.

Good Luck,
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