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Large dented rear passenger door | Will I get a ticket?

I'm waiting for a matching door from a junk yard, can I drive my car without being cited for having a very large dent on the rear passenger's side door?



It depends on your local regulations. So read those.

Most of the time, you cannot get a ticket unless the car is not driveable. A car is not driveable when it's not safe to drive. For example, some states will give you a ticket if the horn does not work as it is unsafe to drive without a horn (cannot avoid an emergency as easily) - states would render the car not driveable even thought there car could be driven without much of a problem (other than the horn).

It is also the case that the driver door might be jammed and some states will ticket for that. Again, in case of an emergency, you cannot exit the car (safety).

If the rear door does not open, it probably does not matter unless you have passenger who would need to exit in an emergency.

Read the code and see.

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